Kareem isn’t listening or watching what’s been going on in America about Donald Trump. He actually said we don’t know what his policies will be. Trump so far has written two lengthly position papers, one on immigration but Jabbar wrongly claims we, meaning he, not us, don’t know what Trump wants to do. Jabbar says “He wants to build a wall but that’s not going to happen”. Why not, Kareem aka Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor before he Africanized his name? He didn’t really Africanize it, he just re-named himself. Kareem was born and raised Roman Catholic but changed his religion to Islam. How reliable is his intellectual ability? Well, there’s no publicly available means to judge his intellect except he is a regular used of marijuana, but he sure could play basketball.

In April he underwent a quadruple by-pass so he’s on pretty strong medicine in addition to his marijuana which needs to be considered when evaluating his analysis of Trump. Also, there are racial overtones that swirl about Kareem, aka. Ferdinand.

The bottom line on Kareem/Ferdinand is that he’s as capable as any voter so his view of Trump can and most likely will change as he discovers more and more about Trump, a fellow rich person like himself.

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