She gave an incoherent response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech. She blamed Republicans. She blamed the people for being angry but neither she nor Obama blamed the real cause, the dictatorship of Obama. Obama had seven years to make things better and be failed. Haley didn’t hold him responsible. He was and she should have. She said “we” which means you, me and her, “we” removed a symbol meaning one of the Confederate Battle Flags that she and others believe is the symbol of slavery. Why are they afraid of an old-fashioned flag?

But what about what Obama said? He wants more of your money to give free money to college students. He wants to “protect our kids from gun violence” but he’s had seven years to fix that if indeed it’s a problem and if it needed fixing. It doesn’t. Gun Violence is a fraud, a fabrication of febrile anti-Americans who refuse to protect themselves and expect someone else to do it for them. Obama failed to solve that. But of course it cannot be solved and that’s the diabolical nature of those who want to take away the best way for individuals to protect themselves and their children. The best way is a small pistol in their handbag or pocket. Obama knows how effective a pistol is. His bodyguards carry high-capacity machine pistols yet he wants to stop the people from doing that to protect themselves. That’s because he’s an elitist who has no respect for us. That’s also why Trump is so maddeningly popular except among the politicians.

Nikki Haley couldn’t defend a flag so it’s certain she cannot defend our Rights. Partly that’s because she’s a first generation immigrant who was not raised in America therefore doesn’t fully grasp America, Americans and especially American Exceptionalism. Just like Obama, she doesn’t much care for Ameriaca because neither on of them grasp the values of America. Americans know the value of a pistol. Neither Obama nor Haley respect that.

Obama wants to raise the minimum wage, probably to $15 an hour like his union supporters clamor and demonstrate for. Obama wants to fix the immigration system now that Trump has pointed out the problem. Obama had seven years to fix it but instead of fixing it he made it worse and given the chance will put more Americans in danger with his plan to import terrorists hidden among Syrian and other Middle East Refugees.

So Obama said he want’s to focus on the future. That’s because he failed in the past and present. He wants to remind us that he re-invented our energy sector by destroying the most popular fuel, coal, with which America led the world but he’s taxed and regulated it out of existence. Coal is a fuel that’s plentiful in America. It can be easily cleaned up and a by-product of coal is wallboard. It’s a net benefit to America so naturally Obama opposes it. That’s bad.

Obama want’s to know if we will respond with fear. American don’t have much fear in them. Obama does or he wouldn’t have though fear is a problem. Anyhow, he didn’t cure fear but he did make America worse.

Obama want’s to give everyone a fair shot at opportunity and security. OK but where’s he been for seven years? He then asked “how do we make technology work for us?” Who says we don’t do that now –or doesn’t he have a cell phone or a laptop?

He wants to keep America safe and lead the world without becoming its policeman. Too bad he hasn’t done that so far but notice how he shifts the state of the union to you and me. He’s a fraud.

lastly Obama want’s to make our politics reflect what’s best in us meaning we don’t do that now. That’s a condemnation of us. Why didn’t he change his politics? He had seven years to do it. Why did it suddenly occur to him that WE were a problem because of OUR politics? He’s the President for crying out loud. Where has the XXXXXXx been? What’s he been doing? He knows. He knows he’s been an obnoxious Chicago-trained fraudulent American who hates us.

He believes Americans have less leverage for a raise even though he never calculated a payroll. He’s part of the worst group of people in the world, the politicians. He knows that’s why Trump is so popular. Trump is clearly not a politician.

Obama hates the successful and he’s very envious of those with wealth without realizing or admitting he’s one of them. He’s cleaned up as President with vacations to far off places paid for with our tax money.

He want’s government to take charge of our kids before they get to kindergarten so they can be indoctrinated in the importance of the state. Obama want’s more teachers because the unions supported him. He wasn’t able to get more pre-K programs even though he had seven years to do it. Another failure and it’s good he’s failed at so much.

Obama wants more tax money to pay for free college. He wants more money for government by increasing the Social Security Tax and the Obamacare tax. He want’s more money from corporations but he knows corporations have left America because of the taxes and regulations. And he still thinks humans should not use the resources of the planet onto which they have been born and to which we change to live better. That’s the valus of being sentient and sapient.

He thinks solar panels that are made cheap in China because they don’t care about the danger of the savage chemicals they require, to their people. Nor do solar panels work at night or whey they are snow covered. He thinks windmills are better than burning coal to create power. They aren’t but they are better for killing birds whose feathered carcasses cover the ground under the spinning blades.

Then there’s Obama’s support for Islam while condemning the Islamic State. The man is bonker-brained. Little ability to connect dots. Plus he released the dangerous men from Guantanamo and some immediately re-joined the fight against America.

In Syria where he allowed Assad to violate his own red line and where Russian President Putin has built a Russian airbase, Obama denies no blame.

Of course he’s put Israel in much more danger too.

He made a very bad deal with Iran that gives them nuclear weapons. He opened up CUBA, the largest and most violent place and it’s still ruled by a dictator. He’s been a poor steward of American values. It was his last State of the Union speech and a grateful country will soon replace him. Good riddance to a bad President.

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