Trump is always on offense according to Newt Gingrich. “He’s not like any one else we’ve seen in politics”. Between Trump, Carly Fiorina and Dr. Carson they have about 40% of the vote. Why?

Trump is very different than the politicians who run and rule in America. Trump is in it to change it. He’s made $10 billion by doing what people want done because he knows or can figure out what people want and what they are willing to pay for it. In a nutshell Trump is popular because he’s in love with America and Americans know he is. He’ll easily win and if the stupid Republican Party want’s to win they will back him.

Either the Republican Insiders get behind Trump or Trump will run and win as an independent because Trump is best for America and the voters know it. Only the Democrats can help Trump more than the Republicans. They will have to dump Hillary to do it but whatever party endorses Trump will win.

Trump is not going to stop nor is he going away so the Republican Party Leaders better be careful how they react over the next year. They can win by endorsing Trump or they can lose by endorsing someone else but they can’t get the power back without him.

The Democrats have the most to lose. If they continue to endorse Hillary or if they endorse Biden, Bernie or Elizabeth they will lose. The only candidate who can save the Democrats is Trump. If the Republican’s refuse to endorse Trump the Democrats could win the Presidency by dumping Hillary and endorsing Trump.

Calculus is difficult. It requires an education to do it. Politics is easy because there is only one rule. The best candidate will win. The best candidate doesn’t always win but if you bet on the best candidate you will win more often.
Bet on Trump.

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