Kelly believes she “asked a question”. Viewers saw a one-sided ambush statement followed by a question. Kelly said on her Monday show “it’s time to move foreword” but it’s not up to her. She covered the next President of the United States in slime in front of the nation and she want’s to forget about it? That’s not going to work because she damaged the persona of Donald Trump. The damage included her failure to live up to the promise she made to the viewers which was to host a debate, not slime the candidates. S they say, with friends like her, who needs enemies.

Kelly is working in the real world, not in the cocoon of her own FOX show, “The Kelly File.” She was exposed to the nation as a debate moderator, not one of the gladiators. If Donald Trump was to be attacked it was up to one or more of the other candidates to do it, not Kelly. That was the promise made to the viewers by FOX when they announced and promoted a debate, not a reality entertainment show, of the top ten Republican candidates. She violated that promise and she refuses to admit it. She can apologize for what she did but she can’t finish the issue by announcing the issue is closed. It’s not. She left a suppurating wound on the body politic and it’s up to her to suture it closed. Refusing to look at it doesn’t work. Announcing an ex-parte judgment is even worse than being defiant.

Kelly unwittingly helped Hillary and Hillary used Kelly to hit at Trump saying she went to Trumps wedding because she “thought it would be fun.”. Yeah, like going to the dentist is fun to think about. Hillary has a confused set of ideas but she knows Kelly helped her campaign. Way to go Megyn.

She can prove her chops by inviting Donald Trump to an honest interview over which he would have the final cut or the decision not to air it at all. Kelly doesn’t strike one as exceptionally brave. She’s a talker. She’s a lawyer who has command of her mouth and the words that come out but a fight has at least two combatants. She can’t stop the fight by suspending the bout. She needs to grow a bit more before she can be taken seriously or at her word. She’s soiled the nest. She needs to fix it. Ignoring it won’t do that. She may want to move foreword but she needs to follow the rules and finish what she started the right way. Leaving the ring in the middle of the fight doesn’t give her a win. She doesn’t get that part, at least not yet.

Trump will fix things for himself by dealing with Rodger Ailes. Ailes better fix it because while he has a contract with Kelly, he has lots of competition. Viewers are important to FOX so Ailes doesn’t want them to start peeling away from FOX. Unfortunately for Ailes, Trump has many ways to help himself. Neither Kelly nor Ailes have the same options. Trump reports to himself. Kelly and Ailes report to people who have control over them.

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