Andrea Tantaros is furious with Rodger Ailes for making a deal with Hannity. Bye-bye Andrea who hasn’t broken into the top tier at FOX. Tantaros hails from Allentown where she went to prestigious Leigh University. Why is she against Trump?

She speaks French, having attended The Sorbonne in Paris. She’s smart enough but she’s in the shadows of many better thinkers at FOX. Here’s a guess why she’s against Trump. Resentment. Maybe from being around the Socialist French changed her into an anti-Capitalist but she’s also a big anti-choice gal who’s mad at Trump for his reasoned approach to Planned Parenthood. Tantaros is more of a shark against abortion and Trump is going after the Democrat women in addition to the Republican’s so he’s “against abortion and for women” so he want’s to continue funding Planned Parenthood but not funding abortion. Tantaros is more of a black or white thinker who thinks Planned Parenthood should be shut down and tuffies for women who are disadvantaged thereby.

Sean Hannity announced a one-hour interview with Trump that’s far more beneficial to Trump than Tantaros would be. FOX has a very strong Trump supporter in Eric Bolling who is another rich guy (his gold Rolex is north of $40k, but nowhere as rich as Trump. Megyn Kelly is still a mystery so far as Trump. She’s been shut up for the moment. Good. Everyone can go get along. Advantage Trump.

It’s a big deal that Ailes made up with Trump because the owner of FOX, Rupert Murdock is a Left Wing Liberal who is a Hillary man. If all this looks like the KGB against the CIA it’s because making deals is the secret world. Reagan was good at it. He collapsed the Soviet Union. Trump is better at it. He amassed a $10 billion fortune. That’s also why he can handle world leaders like Putin and other non-friendly types. Go Donald, as long and as far as you can.

Many people believe George Washington was the father of our country. In spirit Trump is one of his great great grandsons.

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