She says they were not marked “Classified”. She was the Secretary of State. Why weren’t they stamped?

The FBI calls them: “Top Secret”. Why did she have them at home? Even worse, why did she have them on a computer connected to the World Wide Web which even a stupid person knows is connected to China and to other Enemies of America?

Just what does that mean? All classified documents are not Top Secret but all Top Secret documents are or should be marked Classified because Top Secret is a higher standard than Classified. Either way, Hillary is guilty of having confidential info on her system.

Unfortunately, elite members of the political class are above the law, no matter how crooked they are. Hillary is one reason Trump is so popular.

The Chinese and others have been reading the private e-mails of “many” top Obama officials for the last five years. That’s yet another potential excuse for her: She’s no more negligent than any other top bureaucrat who foolishly chose to use private e-mail platforms. Singling her out for special scrutiny is just the vast right-wing conspiracy at work again. The problem is Hillary is missing the integrity gene but she has extra entitlement genes so in her twisted mind, she’s better than the rest of the class.

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