This book and the review by Judge Andrew Napolitano confirms Edward Snowden’s claims that the Obama Administration as well as the Bush administration have been spying on everyone.

The good judge reviewed a new book: “No Place To Hide” by Glenn Greenwald. (HERE).

As Judge Napolitano wrote: “The duty of government is to keep us free and to keep our freedoms safe. If it fails to protect freedom, it should be replaced. If it continues to spy on all of us all the time, then Greenwald’s title—taken from a warning issued by the late Sen. Frank Church in the pre-Internet era—will have come to pass. We will have no place to hide and no freedoms left to exercise without the government’s approval.”

Every America is in trouble because the government has gone rogue. Edward Snowden proved the NSA is spying on everyone all the time. This book has massive amounts of data in it that prove the spying.

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