“People of different backgrounds possess equal ability” is a crazy theory that’s been used to diminish American for decades. “Equal Ability” is a false doctrine that even dumb people know is false. “Equal-ness” is crazy. People are not only un-equal, the un-equality increases over a lifetime. People who are dumber don’t do as well as people who are less dumb. Diversity is not our strength; it’s a source of weakness, tension and disunion.

But America has been in the grip of the crazy idea for decades that dumb people are not only not dumb, they must be treated and rewarded as well as the not so dumb but it’s worse than that. they must be compensated extra because their dumbness is caused by discrimination and discrimination is illegal. It’s natural but illegal. Everyone must pay everyone else except for the rich who don’t get paid at all. they must pay so the treatment of the rich is unequal and unfair but that’s the way the diversity crazies have set it up. Tuffies to you.

Radical egalitarianism asserts that people of different backgrounds possess equal ability and in an ideal world, there should be no differences in accomplishment. And if such variations exist, they, almost by definition, result from discrimination, racism, stereotypes, and similarly reversible evils. Thus, the medical staff at a top hospital is supposed to look like a cross section of America and, since this Utopian outcome rarely occurs, it is up to a coercive government to bring it about.

The bad news is that radical egalitarianism is metastasizing and the damage inflicted far outweighs anything the 17 GOP candidates mention, including Trump’s horror stories of criminal illegals.

Radical egalitarianism is easily detected. As Soviet apparatchiks had their specialized vocabulary (e.g., false consciousness) American egalitarians have theirs. Be on the lookout for gaps, as in the gap between whites and blacks in home ownership. Then there are ceilings, the most famous being the glass ceiling that prevents women from occupying the top rungs of industry. Add tests to sort out abilities that egalitarians denounce as “barriers” as if testing for physical strength is a ruse to hinder women from becoming firefighters. But, of all the tip-off words, the most revealing is diversity as in “diversity is our strength,” a sure sign that racial/gender quotas are on the way.

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