Not one of the predictions of so-called “scientists” that the climate will change has been correct. Not one.

Not one of the disasters predicted by them has been correct.

None have told you the truth about coal, oil or natural gas. None.

Burning coal provides the wallboard. There are 628 coal power plants with “Scrubbers” . The “smoke” goes thru a water bath with limestone in it and that makes gypsum. There’s so little SO2 in scrubbed flue gas that a canary would live in it

The better story, the story the “Green’s” refuse to tell you is the enormous benefits and advantages including a much longer life that come from coal. Obama want’s to ban it. That’s madness.

There’s 3,800 years of proven coal reserves available. Why not use it? It can be scrubbed both before and after using it to make steam to power massive generators. Look at Broadway. Look at all of the neon in Las Vegas. Look at your air conditioner. You can walk around an air-conditioned mall on a 95 degree day and be comfortable. What’s that worth?  The Green’s have no answer. To them it’s all doom and gloom when they should be celebrating and working in laboratories to fine ways to make your life better with coal. They don’t have your best interest at heart. In fact they care more about water than people without realizing how great coal is to make electricity to let a brain surgeon operate or make the parts for all of the amazing things you use everyday. Look at your smart phone to understand .  



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