Fire is useful because it creates heat. Burning coal creates fire so coal creates heat. So does oil and natural gas. Heat operates machinery that controls the emissions from coal, oil, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and natural gas. In fact, heat also creates cold by operating refrigeration and air conditioning units. Huge stadiums and malls can be air-conditioned by creating heat, turning it into electricity and running air conditioning. Clouds form inside huge air-conditioned stadiums. think about that. Humans creating clouds. That’s climate control.

How does burning coal create refrigeration? Coal creates heat. Heat turns water into high temperature steam. Steam runs electric generators which run motors which compress refrigerant. Compressed refrigerant creates cold when it expands. An air conditioner contains a compressor which compresses the refrigerant and an expansion coil which produces cold when the refrigerant expands. Room air is blown over the cold coil by a fan which blows so much air over the cold coil that it can be blown back into a hot room which makes the room colder.

Air conditioning controls natures heat but a hot room can be dangerous to human life. People die if they get too hot. People live and flourish in air conditioning. Coal improves and extends human life. People live longer and better with air-conditioning.

People on a hot beach use an umbrella to produce shade, otherwise they could not stand the summer heat and hot sun. The heat-regulating mechanisms of the body eventually becomes overwhelmed and unable to deal effectively with the heat, causing the body temperature to climb uncontrollably. Hyperthermia at or above about 40 °C (104 °F) is a fatal condition for people. Hyperthermia requires immediate treatment. Common symptoms include headache, confusion, and fatigue. Air conditioning can easily lower the room temperature to 75 degrees or lower which eliminates hyperthermia. A fatal condition is made benign by air-conditioning. Burning coal to create heat to run an electric generator to run an air-conditioner is one way humans control the climate.

When the body temperature drops to 75 degrees Fahrenheit a person usually dies. Of course burning coal creates heat which keeps people alive. Home heaters create a micro-climate that people need to survive cold weather. The most common heating method in advanced countries uses oil or natural gas to create heat that heats water that is pumped around a home to warm it up to a comfortable temperature when the climate becomes too cold for people to live.

So coal is needed to create electricity to operate air-conditioners and oil is needed to run a heater. Why is that important to know? Because President Obama and his administration has been closing electric power plants that burn coal. That’s the wrong way to help people live in the heat and cold of the climate in America. Obama should help America produce more coal instead of trying to ban it.

Why does President Obama make it more and more difficult to live? Doesn’t he like people? Yes, he does not like people so he makes it more difficult for people to live and to thrive. .

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