People were running to get close. The West Lawn of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. is wider and longer than a Football field and people ran to get close to the podium as soon as they saw Donald Trump heading in that direction. The man is a huge and good sensation. He makes Americans feel great about being American. It’s been far too long since Americans felt great and that’s a shame because of the greatness of our country.

The Left and the anti-Capitalists have been hammering away for decades and the effect on the American people created some doubt about whether or not Americans were even good. Barack Obama took advantage of the guilt and was elected twice despite being¬†incapable of representing anyone who wasn’t seen as a victim of the police. Professor Gates of Harvard who mouthed off to the police and Trayvon Martin who was shot after attacking a smaller person are two vivid examples of the President rubbing American’s noses in false guilt. Donald Trump is tha complete opposite. He calls America’s leaders incredibly stupid. He called Obama’s Iran Treaty the world deal he ever saw and he’s the king of deals.

That’s why thousands went running in the 93 degree heat and intense sunshine to get close to a real American. No doubt Trump would be good for America as President. He would be good for the rest of the world too because he does what’s right. that’s part of the reason thousands ran to get close to the man.


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