Martin knew about betrayal by his friends, just as the demonstrators in Paris betrayed not only the Charlie Hebdo’s but cowered against the Jihadist’s. The demonstration of support and solidarity for the murdered Charlie victims was nice to see but the elephant in the room is the cartoons. After the 12 Charlie Hebdo murders no one or lamost no one published them.

People were murdered and are dead because of Jihad. In Copenhagen, Paris, London, Spain, Austria, Germany, Russia, Sweden and other places, . Police were injured, the Charlie Hebdo bodies were still warm — all in the cause of Allah — and here it comes from the world-wide media; – the scrubbing of the stories; the whitewashing; the proselytizing for Islam by the leaders of the countries targeted in the global jihad.

Denial of the effects of Jihad is not a strategy to defeat Jihad, instead it’s a policy of surrender.

Speaking to reporters in Copenhagen the Prime Minster of Denmark, Ms. Thorning-Schmidt (of the Obama selfie fame), said: “This is not a war between Islam and the West. We will do our best to defend our democracy and Denmark.” Who is she protecting? Who is she trying to kid? What’s wrong with her and hundreds of others who at least could say: “whatever the alleged basis to murder, – in the name of whatever, we are coming after you. We will cause justice to rain down on you.” Why didn’t Thorning-Schmidt say at least that? Maybe she believes Denmark is too small to confront the evil of Jihad but where are her allies?

There have been over three hundred Jihad attacks in Europe since the Vienna Synagogue attack in 1980, 300 attacks and murders that are unanswered and so far have been almost unstoppable. America has fared far better than Europe except for the 9/11 attacks which murdered 3,000.

Since the successful attacks are spread far apart by time, the effect of the Jihad tends to disappear but the silence of the victims is strange to watch. Why for example didn’t the cartoons get published millions of times to at least show some backbone against the Jihadist’s? Why is the entire Western world unable to mount a coherent offense against a murder campaign, an offense similar to what MLK did to move Civil Rights in America in the correct direction and to finally win against the status quo? The Je Suis Charlie demonstrators didn’t really protest against the Jihad. They were united in one thing: grief. They had no will to confront and eliminate Jihad.

Perhaps the thousands of demonstrators are not cowards. If so, what are they to be called? They should be called something because they are united not only in grief and cowardice, they cannot singly, in groups or collectively, think of what to do so they do nothing to attack the Jihad that is murdering their people.

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