Bucks elections are controlled at 300+ polling places by 900+ plus people who check in the voters and record the votes. They are called the local boards of election. The votes are totaled in Doylestown. The Bucks Board of Elections is the three Commissioners. The Republican Party works behind the scenes. they are very active but almost invisible in guiding the elections. Most of the 900+ people have been appointed by or thru the Republican Party.

There are too many Republican Committee people to meet in one room so the Republicans whittled it down to a 100 person Executive Committee. The Chairwoman gets to appoint 42. The Republican State Committee appoints a bunch and the rest are appointed by the local Republican Committee’s. Vote Control is Mission #1. they do it very well. they’ve been caught a few times but the control is solid.

They appoint controllable cronies. They approve the Courthouse workers. that includes the judges. they appoint far more people throughout the county bot limited to all of the lawyers who work at each municipality; at each water and sewer board, at the planning commissions and at the special committee’s. The system is smooth running but effective.

Why is this important? Because it effects elections. Regardless of sub-groups like the Tea Parties, the people who count the votes are appointed, not elected. Neither party much cares about the elected officials because the parties influence the government so much but their work is hidden. Fair Elections? Neither party would put up with them. Unbiased appointments? A myth. Corrupt judges? Who would believe it. Corrupt Attorney general? Who denies it. It’s your vote but that’s as important as the appointments because that’s how the corruption controls government. Unscrupulous people control government’s around the world. Adam bit the apple. Someone else controlled it.

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