Energy is the food for food. Farms can produce more food if it can be harvested but with higher priced coal electricity costs will increase so planting, harvesting and transporting food will cost more than some people can afford. The “GREEN REVOLUTION” refers to the lower cost of food by which millions more people are alive because there is more food at far lower cost. Obama’s dubious regulations of coal not only increased the cost to make electricity by making coal powered generators much more expensive, he doubled down by falsely saying there is too much of something in the air so coal generators must be shut down, thereby increasing the cost of electricity with no information about the condition of the air and no information about the condition after making it more expensive to make electricity.

Third, Obama has no information about how electricity has increased the life span and the prosperity of people who use electricity. Instead, stupidly as Trump would probably say, Obama looked at coal and decided it was bad without looking at all of the wonderful benefits of the electricity made by using coal to make electricity. It’s like saying a jet plane requires too much aluminum so jets should be regulated into being smaller. Without understanding the benefit of people saving time by traveling faster the argument that smaller is better would win even though it’s not only false, it’s going the wrong way. Bigger and faster jets have improved our abilities and even Michelle who went to China could not have wasted so much tax money if she had to take a sailboat to China like Marco Polo had to do.

Instead of understanding the great benefits of coal and increasing it’s use and safety, Obama decided to make it far more expensive and eliminate it from being used to benefit Americans. Obama stupidly concluded the wrong things and now Electricity for Americans will cost more. A dumb, stupid set of moves by an ignorant man.

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