Hundreds of Electric Plants will be shut down because of the EPA. The Supreme Court just ruled the EPA must take cost into account when controlling electric plants. In June, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the EPA did not properly weigh the cost of compliance before attempting to shut down coal-fired power plants with draconian ORDERS.

The EPA refuses to tell us because we would know how insignificant and unnecessary their extreme ORDERS really are. The air is far cleaner than it need to be. The air is not dangerous but the EPA is. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said “The EPA continues to push an agenda with little regard for the price tag these regulations would impose on employers and ultimately, Texans.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, meanwhile, called the ruling “a significant victory in our efforts to rein in an out-of-control EPA, which is a top priority for my administration.”

“The EPA’s continued failure to consider the massive costs of its draconian regulations has killed jobs, crippled our economy and increased energy prices for consumers,” he said in a statement.

With other states, Texas argued that the EPA didn’t properly consider the $10 billion annual price tag of its regulation, which “threatens to drive a number of coal-fired electric utilities out of business.” The rules target more than 50 coal- and oil-fired power plants across Texas, and industry and labor groups challenged them.

The EPA is out-of-control with Eco-Power. Their ORDERS are designed to impede human life and prohibit people to flourish. They are a Rogue Unconstitutional Agency that is more dangerous to people than any foreign power.

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