It’s all about race for some blacks. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Oprah, Spike Lee, are prominent civil rights reformers who work as black guardians of black rights. Their solutions for injustice against blacks is to get government to tip the scales of fairness in favor of blacks. The obvious problem is the contradiction of the remedy and the cause. Getting preferential treatment for one race deprives all other races.

Having been to and worked in Africa as well as Philadelphia my view is somewhat distorted by experience. The recent shootings of black Trayvon Martin and white Australian Chris Lane provide vivid examples of the different codes of behavior expected and tolerated by blacks and their allies, the Progressives. But their motives are different. Racism and reverse racism result in more race based behavior. Richard Epstein provides a capsule based on “The Butler”, a severely distorted false movie purposely designed to inflame Racial Passions. Here.

Is there a set of actions that will solve the racial divide for America? In a word, no. In the short term, differences will increase. Over time there is no record of success solving issues this wide. None.

Having experienced apartheid and it’s aftermath in South Africa; having studied the Rhodesia – Zimbabwe conflict and traveled and worked in many nations including African nations; having lived in Philadelphia and worked alongside black Americans, I inured a perspective not unique but somewhat unique, to comment on the present state of racial affairs in America. My opinion is racism will always be an issue but, and this is a large but, it does not have to be.

Working in Brazil proved race can be irrelevant. Different races can live and work along side each other. Direct experiences with African royalty proved some people are indeed better leaders. Race does not guarantee much. It has an effect but there seems to be no general rule that does not have significant exceptions that render race almost useless as a human attribute. Walter Williams made that point in a recent column, here.

The concept of Racism is a form of Ancestorism; that one’s intellectual abilities are the product of dead, obscure relatives. It is Collectivism, that ones conclusions come from the community, not one’s mind. Racism attempts to invalidate the distinction between brutes and humans, the individual mind. Racism deconstructs reason and choice. Ayn Rand identifies Racism as chemical predestination. Unfortunately, people accept these and other harmful ideas as true

Years ago the Baltimore Catechism began the groundwork of Racism with the answer that truth is revealed only to “certain persons”. Upon false ideas Karl Marx built his creed that certain persons are fit to rule and the others are not. Solutions to Racism need to understand the disconnect between Nurture, Race and Nature,

It’s all about race to the Race Hustlers. It doesn’t have to be and it should not be.



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