His presidency is in ruins but he was re-elected by America’s Yuppies, their mediocre children, the Left Coast of California, the dopey actors, the Rock Star Dimwits, and his people in the hoods of Chicago and Philly, – the Saviorati – whose eyes glaze over at the mention of his name. Obama wrecked American health care, welcomed criminal immigrants, gave free college to their illegal kids, lost Afghanistan to the West, surrendered to the Islamist Militants, lied about Benghazi, jailed an innocent video-maker, tripled gas and home heating oil prices, added $6 trillion to the national debt, put 9 million more on food stamps, increased poverty, destroyed the middle class, caused a race war, and increased unemployment to 8%. His cowardly handling of the War Against Terror empowered a massive alQuida/Taliban assault against America on 9/11/12.  His disastrous handling and lack of leadership in Benghazi was notorious. His cover-up was pure slap-stick, something the Three Stooges could mot have eclipsed. His frauds in Philly voting obvious. No mandate. No agenda. No plans. No interest except revenge. Like the helpers of the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz, his flying monkeys feel free to call white people racists even though Obama could not have been elected nor re-elected without his mediocre liberal white racists. He’s done more damage to Americans then Pearl Harbor and 9/11/01 combined

Notice the sneering invective when people call white people racist. It disarms them because in general, white people prefer the same kinds of people in general, as black people; i.e., people who look like them. That explains the guilt and the reason the charge of racist sticke but really is false because it’s human nature to like one’s own kind. the redemption of racists iw they like other types too but the guilt is inculcated. Race basing explains why Philly voters voted for Obama but not why some very confused, anti-analytical white liberals did and Obama won because of white people so what’s the race problem wih the election? None. America is well past that.  

But Obama divided America to win. It will take decades to restore inter-racial relations. Events will destroy the hollow Messiah Obama myth but it will take time. Working against him in a damaged America will be wretched because America is divided. He has four years to complete his revenge inspired reign. He will double down on his successful divisions and Balkanization program. We’ll have to battle him and his politics of division every step of the way. The future of America is in his crosshairs but there’s nothing else to do. Resist knowing there are majorities against us.  Resist because good must never compromise.

Brick walls and barricades are put in our way to make sure only the best can win. Climb the barricades and the brick walls. If you want comfort, join the Democrats. If you want freedom, you’re in the right place.  

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