It’s far to expensive. It uses loads of carbon based fuels to create the Photo-Voltaic cells. It’s labor intensive to assemble the individual wafer slices, the slices made by Crystal Pulling. which is the way transistors are made. Solar Panels need aluminum frames, notorious for using gobs of electricity to produce. Solar panels need lots of glass to protect the photo voltaic pieces and they need land on which to be installed. The Northampton Solar Array for example produced 35 tons of carbon but over their lifetime they are alleged to save 30 tons. Two points. First, the energy could have produced less carbon if it was used to power an oil or coal fired generator. Second, the extreme cost of the Solar Array could have been used to produce wealth in the culture instead of being wasted.

Solar panels are a flim-flam. The government wants more of them but it cannot afford to buy them so it gives tax money to people who use them. Government also gives  “credits” in the form of tax avoidance for those who buy the expensive Solar Panels. That is to say the burden of paying for Solar Panels is placed on the people but the people are not told about the additional taxes they are being tricked into paying. The Northampton Sewer Authority provides the evidence for the above claims. The Sewer Board approved a $193,050  system. The panels generate about 40% of their electricity but they agreed to buy all their electricity from the Northampton Republican Supervisor Candidate. The candidate gives the authority a 20% saving on their electric bill, even tough the sewer board gives the candidate twice as much electricity for free as he gives them as a discount.  That’s a scam of the first order. Getting someone to give you a dollar and accepting fifty cents as payment in full. Why did they do that? Why doesn’t matter. Want matters is they did it.  

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