He’s not the devil but give him his due for coming up with another way to drive the races apart with made up grievances. He and other black people act like slavery is going on but somehow they cannot or refuse to grasp they were never slaves. It’s like condemning America for riding horses during the Revolution.

Some things happen in an instant. 9/11. Other things take thousands of years. The discovery of electricity and diesel engine are two examples.

Slavery seems to have been part of human history as far back as records were kept but it was not used by all the white people who settled America. It’s an Anglo-Saxon based culture that expanded to include the most significant human undertaking, the War against England that started with an official document, Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.

Side note to Chris Rock: The Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution came from white people. Neither come from the indigenous cultures of Asia, Africa or what became America. Remember, Chris, Hawaii, USA didn’t happen in 1776. The 50th state happened in 1959. America started with 13 colonies that were started by white people beginning in 1603. It took 413 years from Jamestown for America to get to where we are today. Maybe Rock knows that but maybe not because he acts as though maybe not.

Rock should also remember that the white people from Europe sent Columbus to America in 1492 and another white man, Leif Erickson, a Viking, was the first white man to reach America around 1050AD.

Ericson, Colombus, Jefferson helped to create the civilized worlds love affair with America. No one from 1050 America came from Europe, Africa or Asia. They couldn’t. Canoe’s made from the bark of trees didn’t do well in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.

Oh. Lets not forget that Ericson didn’t have a compass. Neither did Columbus who used the stars to keep sailing West to America. The canoeists on the other hand had no way to navigate over long distances so they usually didn’t get too far before they went around in circles.

It’s not like Africans like Rocks ancestors, decided to drift over the Atlantic. They hardly had enough food to get thru next week, let along a two month ocean trip.

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