It’s most unfortunate all around that Carlson’s contract wasn’t renewed. She’s been a high achiever at FOX so why did Roger Ailes decide to fire her.

Insufficiently Popular with viewers. So Carlson decided to sue.

Gretchen is certainly great looking so she fits Ailes requirements for FOX’s Females. Was she over-sensitive to male comments from some of the males at FOX? Probably, at least a little bit.

Carlson is small. She’s five feet three inches in height. She’s certainly great looking but great looks only go so far. Gretchen is also smart, has a college degree and studied at Oxford in England.

People exude a certain persona. It’s more than personality. It’s a lot of undefined attributes, some good, other’s not so good. Some people look great head-on but their profile, not so much. Perhaps Gretchen’s off-camera personality just wasn’t up to the standards at FOX. Perhaps the standards were not attainable for Carlson.

But perhaps Gretchen wanted more than just acceptance. Maybe she wanted to be constantly recognized as a high achiever and a former Miss America. Maybe co-workers were bothered by that attitude. Maybe she was bothered by their attitude towards her. Perhaps they were insufficiently adoring og didn’t praise her enough. Maybe she didn’t think her co-workers were as good as her. Maybe she didn’t praise them enough.

We’ll probably never know because this story won’t make it into the next news cycle. 


So Gretchen may fade into obscurity. Ailes will be smart to settle this quick and give her a sort of bye-bye bonus. She sort of deserves it because she is good looking, talented, and accomplished. On the other hand, not enough viewers tuned in to watch her.

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