It’s a book first published by Oxford University Press, (OUP) in 1974. ISBN-10: 0936396040. It’s been banned by Wikipedia. Imagine. It lists 23 criteria by which civilizations may be identified. A banned book. That’s what Wikipedia did like hiding  one’s head in the sand thinking reality will go away.

Every since Herrenstein & Murray’s magisterial work ” The Bell Curve” came out in 1994, a hateful subterranian, mostly secret industry has arisen in the field of sociology to absolutely condemn and ban any discussion of heritable differences between humans. America’s commitment to free speech doesn’t apply to the marketplace especially when it comes to race. The hustlers of the phony idea that there is no such thing as race or race-based differences between humans, have prevailed. Today the idea of race is not only banned, it’s been rendered intrinsically evil. A concomitant network of lying enforcers have found a home as controlling editors at Wikipedia and many other places.

Look up “Race (classification of humans),” especially the discussion section, to see master propagandists at work, defending with every fiber of their benighted intellects the concept of “race as a social construct” when it’s perfectly obvious that there are racial  differences in people.  This is the modern version of censorship; censorship not by government edict, but by a self-selected claque of far-left liberals.

Since then it has become nearly impossible to find books that describe the differences between human groups which have been interbreeding for millennia. Thus, some academics claim with a straight face that there is more genetic differences within groups such as Blacks (Negroes), as there is between Blacks and Eurasians!! Why believe your lying eyes when there’s a Liberal Propaganda program in effect to replace your own eyes. 

After the liberals have thoroughly ventilated about the mis-use of supposed racial differences, the reader may be left wondering, well, if there is no such thing as race, why is it banned? What is the difference between Blacks, Whites, Asians and say, African pigmies. The ant-race establishment either falls mute on this question, or launches into an incredible convoluted rant on “clines” and other genetic markers, none of which say anything about race.

Enter John R. Baker, Professor of cytology at Oxford University, the author of nine other books on biological subjects. His encompassing 1974 work “Race” covers the historical background, the biological background, and studies of selected human groups. He does not discuss the sociology and politics of human races. He finishes of the book with a section on racial differences of cognitive abilities, thus presaging by 20 years the most infamous race book ever by Charles Murray and Herrnstein  “The Bell Curve.”

If you are at all interested in the subject of racial differences among humans, act quickly; this book “RACE” will become ever more difficult to get, and then they’ll be little left to counter the outrageous denials of the central tenant of the liberal establishment–that under the skin, we are all exactly alike.