One mans hatred does not define America. The national message of shock does. The nine murdered individuals, murdered by 21 year old Dylann Storm Roof shown in a photo with the old flags of The Union of South Africa and of Rhodesia on his jacket. Both countries were ruled by white people and now by blacks. Dylann Storm Roof most likely is insane. His murders of nine black Americans because they were black will go down in history as a day of infamy.

South Africa and Rhodesia now Zimbabwe lie at the southern end of the continent of Africa. They are lands favored by nature but made infamous by politics. The infamy didn’t start that way but like the murders in Charleston the politics of Southern Africa carry the burden of some of the blame. The white European civilizations of South Africa and America are being replaced by similar dysfunctions. The result while not inevitable seems to be clear. History shows the causes. The reality is the two-way turnpike of race hatred generated by American politicians and American intellectuals who are using but disguising the hate behind the cover story of compassion and concern alternately called “Diversity”; “Multiculturalism” and “Political Correctness” which are terms of art for oppression of white Europeans. The facts are there but they must be collated and correctly analysed against the tide of PC.

South Africa is a fact that clearly shows the dystopian world created by the political philosophy of modern liberalism. There are many ways to achieve Genocide. It can be caused within a culture when the reigning rulers issue an implied manifesto against parts of a diverse culture as happened in South Africa and Rhodesia.

Hate has causes. Causes have supporters. Dylann Rose didn’t happen in a vacuum. Neither did Ferguson.

Civilized societies are fragile. They can, and will, crumble in culturally inhospitable climes. The tyranny of political correctness, so unique to the West plays a role in the collapsing culture of America and it’s replacement. Advanced societies don’t just die; they can wither from within as is going on in America, or, as happened in South Africa, they are finished off with the help of outside societies. Hate has consequences.

President Obama is a lightening rod who wrongly blames guns for the Charleston murders. That’s like blaming shovels for holes or bricks for buildings. In fact and in reality Obama has helped ratchet up the hate in America. That’s the consequence of his mishandling of race since he took the oath of office. He’s too small for the job. So was Eric Holder and so is Al Sharpton. It’s time for them to stop their angry adolescent acts and get out of the sandbox. America needs to coalesce, not further divide but that’s not the way of the politically correct crowd.

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