She’s a lawyer who should know better than to sit idly by and simply agree with a Pa court decision that released this pedophile enabling monsignor. He belongs in jail for conspiring against the rule of law which assisted pedophile priests abuse innocent children. He moved them from parish to parish after they had abused children. He failed to report many crimes.

Not reporting a crime is not a crime. No one is obligated to report crimes but in the case of Monsignor Lynn he used his power to transfer crime-committing priests out of harms way and into the path of innocent children. He bought the getaway car.  He drove the getaway car. He assisted in the escapes from the law by the pedophiles. He knew. He covered up his knowledge. He thereby assisted in the crimes of the pedophiles. He’s a guilty man who should be and must be charged with conspiracy to commit; conspiracy to assist; conspiracy to cover-up and conspiracy to impede an investigation.

What part of Conspiracy does Lawyer Christine Flowers not understand? Or is her Catholic religion propelling her further into the muck of the pedophile priests?

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