He made condemnation of white people a key issue. As a role model, that proves failure. In addition without fear of contradiction, Barack Hussein Obama has been the worst president in American history. As his second term ends, there is absolutely no redeeming value to write about.

Because of his actions, the economy has been devastated. We are in insurmountable debt and the middle class is disappearing. In fact, he ordered the books to be cooked to hide the true unemployment rate which is at least twice as high as reported by this crooked administration.

Furthermore, Obama has worked hard to lower the respect of America around the world. He has cut-back on the military and the Veterans affairs. Under Obama’s failed leadership our traditional allies can no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. He has unfairly supported one American, Hillary, — against another American, –Donald Trump and Obama has unfairly campaigned against Trump. Obama is the first American President to unfairly help a presidential candidate.

Obama’s dumb idea of “leading from behind” has been a dismal failure and we have become a second-class country to many foreign people because of it.

In this chaotic state of affairs when America and the good people around the world need competent leadership more than ever, Obama is protecting a criminal and campaigning for Hillary Clinton to be his successor.

Hillary should have been indicted for her malfeasance in office but Obama wants his failures continued by another incapable Democrat.

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