Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a primary care physician who successfully treated the COVID-19 epidemic when it raged through a New York Hasidic community; noted in his interview with Mayor Giuliani that he adapted his hydroxychloroquine-zinc cocktail from the South Korean treatment. His prescription was the following:

*Hydroxychloroquine. 400mg first day and 200mg per day for four days
*Zinc. 220mg once daily for 5 days
*Zithromax. 500mg day for 5 days

April 7 Update: Inovio, a pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania is launching a clinical trial of yet another potential vaccine for COVID-19.

Inovio announced the FDA’s’ approval of their vaccine test Monday and began administering shots of the vaccine to volunteers.  Its study involves 40 volunteers from Philadelphia and Kansas City. Each volunteer will receive two doses of the vaccine four weeks apart. Inovio’s vaccine trail is the second one under way so far. The first began safety tests on 45 people last month in Seattle and is still awaiting results.

Dr. Constantine Tsamasfyros, who has been practicing for almost 50 years, told a local CBS affiliate he “prescribed a combination of hydroxychloroquine (also known as Plaquenil) and an antibiotic called azithromycin to about a dozen patients over the last few weeks.”

“They all did well,” Tsamasfyros said in an interview. “They seemed to reverse their symptoms in a day or two.”

The doctor said he “absolutely” believes the medicine worked.

Of 6,227 physicians surveyed in 30 countries, 37 percent rated hydroxychloroquine the “most effective therapy” for combating the potentially deadly illness, according to the results released Thursday.

Nobody is sure why hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works. Several mechanisms have been proposed, including “ACE2 cellular receptor inhibition, acidification of the surface of the cell membrane inhibiting fusion of the virus, and immunomodulation of cytokine release.” Zelenko thinks that HCQ opens a channel into the human cell for the zinc to enter. Then the zinc slows the virus’s reproduction, giving the body’s immune system time to catch up. He added the antibiotic Zithromax to his cocktail in order to prevent secondary pneumonia infections.

In an interview with Rabbi Katzin, Zelenko detailed his success rate. He had diagnosed 699 COVID-19 patients with the disease, some by lab result and others by their symptoms and the fact that they had been in contact with others who were infected. He didn’t prescribe anything to those who were young and healthy, but he treated 200 of the others with his cocktail. His results were almost perfect:

Zero deaths.


In a study published March 9, 2020 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found that a single dose of the vaccine, called Flu-v, elicited greater immune responses than placebo in a small trial involving 175 volunteers. These results suggest that the vaccine is safe and potentially effective, and the research will usher Flu-v into the final stages of clinical testing.

“We’re on the cusp of a universal flu vaccine,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-diseases specialist and senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, who was not involved in the new study. “It’s long been a joke that a universal flu vaccine is always five years away. But I think, this time, it really is coming within the next five years.”

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