President Obama’s Middle East Strategy continues to keep America safe. Does anyone know what it is?

No. You will have to figure it out for yourself. Here’s a clue. Keep the Middle East burning. Let ISIS, now called IL continue to invade and occupy Iraq. Of course they are no good for Iraq but what’s good and bad for Iraq is different than what’s best for America. Obama should continue to supply the legal government of Iraq with weapons but if the government begins winning over IL then IL should get some more arms because the longer the conflicts go in in the Middle East, the safer America becomes so keep the fires burning there.

One of the rules for offensive warfare is to conserve your firepower by using it on the largest number of people possible. In Iraq that means get as many IL people close together then BOOM! After all, if IL is as dangerous to America and to Americans as the leaders of America claim then the danger must be eliminated. How best to do that is to conserve your firepower by using it on the largest number of, ….. well, you get the idea.

Elections anywhere in the Middle East won’t help America so they should be discouraged. How best to do that is to keep the nations of the Middle East in chaos by judiciously supplying with weapons people who aren’t satisfied. The more dissatisfied people there are the longer the chaos will continue and that kind of chaos will keep IL occupied in the Middle East and away from America.

Obama has been making a lot of mistakes with his foreign policies and so far those mistakes have, unwittingly of course, helped America. Obama needs to hear from you about how he can make things better in the Middle East but be sure you send him ideas on how to make the Middle East better for Americans. That would mean Obama doing more of what works which is more of nothing. Nothing has kept the Middle East on fire for the past six years so the less Obama can do there the better it is for America.

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