Never before has a President lied with such impunity. It’s almost pathological, neurological, perhaps pychotic. Most people do not lie for personal gain. Some lie to avoid injustice, a good lie. Others lie because it’s in their nature but it’s an abnormal attribute. Obama seems beyond most bureaucrats who lie for political gain. Perhaps he’s on a personal mission and feels lying is needed to support his mission. If so, he’s covered his tracks well.

His biggest lie was that a video caused the riot and murders in Benghazi. Incredibly he sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice onto five T.V. shows to lie about the video to the American people. To this day the Democratic Party continues to support him and by extention, his lie. He said: “we got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system”.  That’s such a whopper that it’s almost funny but the Stimulus cost America billions and most of it will never be paoid back. Ninty of Obama’s lies are a matter of record. (Here).


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