“There is no sugarcoating Michelle Obama’s venomous response to a question from Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night. While black mobs were beating up innocent white people in Charlotte, showing no mercy, Mrs. Obama, appearing on Colbert’s late night show, went after Melania Trump who was not there to defend herself.

There’s no hope for a lady who admires black radical Marxists Charles Hamilton and Stokely Carmichael and who happens to have plagiarized parts of her own 2008 convention speech.

“What’s this whole “mean girl” thing Michelle has going on? Is she still in high school, or does she really believe what she implied in her Princeton thesis – that blacks have to act like cliques, separating themselves from whites, in order to establish a power base in an otherwise racist society?

“Is Michelle Obama’s obvious disdain for Melania a post-traumatic response from her Princeton days? Maybe. In 2010, the wrath of Michelle was directed at another fashion model, former first lady of France, Carla Bruni, in a now famous photo.

“Mrs. Obama could very well be in an arrested state of development, unable to move beyond childhood. When asked if she was stuck on a deserted island with a famous person, who it would be, Mrs. Obama answered, “Beyoncé…she’s mine.”

“That’s just creepy, but in all fairness, Michelle might feel indebted to Beyoncé for donating $1.5 million to the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, a favorite of the Obamas.

“Michelle’s “no sympathy” slam is antithetical to how most Americans view candidates’ wives. Regular folks usually do feel compassionate toward the spouses. Even Michelle milked the sympathy vote in her 2008 convention speech. She didn’t really want to run, she suggested; she “loved the life we had built for our girls.”

“We won’t hear the media reporting on Michelle’s cruelty and hate-filled facial expressions directed at successful white women who aren’t Beyoncé. This is a first lady who gives black power speeches to college students and whose daughter Malia was caught on video allegedly smoking dope, twerking, and beer-ponging – all with little mainstream interest. Remember how the media went after the Bush twins?” SO much for Michelle’s parenting skills. Americans will be better off with Michelle out of the White House.

She came out with: “when they go low, we go high”. What about when she goes low? What about when Hillary goes low by lying? What about when Michelle displays her ideas about and mis-treatment of white people as second class people? Read her Princeton thesis to find out how the color of her skin came to the forefront of her consciousness at Princeton where she judged her professors by the amount of melanin then had. Where does Michelle go after she goes low, lower and finally the lowest?

Michelle is a divider. Always has been. She judges people primarily by the color of their skin. Always has, always will. Lowest.

She got into Princeton because of the color of her skin. Her grades were mediocre. She graduated cum laude, as do most students. “Candid Michelle: “I’m a statistical oddity. Black girl, brought up on the South Side of Chicago. Was I supposed to go to Princeton? No … They said maybe Harvard Law was too much for me to reach for.”

Due to affirmative action, Michelle went to both elite educational institutions.

According to Newsweek, “The Real Michelle Obama” was quite pleased to be an affirmative action beneficiary, but perturbed by her perception of white classmates at those institutions.” translation: She did not like white people despite being given preference over white people by white people.

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