We’ve been led to believe: “Diversity Is Our Strength” but how exactly it is so isn’t too clear. Immigrants, for example bring some good things with them but some bring crime including rape, robbery and genital mutilation although they don’t call it that. diversity has drawbacks. Diversity is not our strength; it’s a source of weakness, tension and disunion.

A Robert D. Putnam study of 30,000 US citizens living in 41 locations, attempted to discover the connection between increasing diversity and decreasing social capital. His results are quite convincing: there is a negative correlation between social capital and diversity. As John Derbyshire puts it, “the more you have of one, the less you have of the other.”

The results decisively show the level to which people trust those different from themselves, or “out-group trust,” is less in places that are heavily diversified. Perhaps more remarkable, the degree to which people trust those similar to themselves, or “in-group trust,” is equally lower—around 50 percent—in diverse neighborhoods. People don’t trust people who are different, –diverse. The notion that we can all coexist peacefully is an attractive ideal, but the evidence is: it’s not true.

In the Middle East diversity can be fatal. There’s a different ethos operating among the Jews and the Moslems. Same for Europe where Moslems assassinated Theo vanGogh and several hundred more in places like Paris and Munich, the sites of a well-known massacres because of divergent religious beliefs. So no, diversity doesn’t get the “Yes” vote so easily. It happened in San Bernardino and in Garland Texas where a “Draw the Prophet” event was attacked by several gunmen of divergent religious persuasion. Those are hard knocks against diversity.
Repeated bombings in Europe by some over-enthusiastic people who thought the worst about assimilation should cause some thought about pushing the idea that pushing some people together is a strength. It seems to have some rather deadly results even though the perps were happy when they learned to fly into a high building and other such exuberances .
The Polar Bear Game is another sort of celebration of differences where one group is happy to knock-out members of a different group. It’s also called “The Knockout Game”. Lay the blame where you will but think for a moment about the trouble that arises because of the differences or despite the differences. The difference is the source of the hostility and it’s clearly seen by all but the willfully ignorant.
The #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t a push for diversity, is it? Same for achievement gaps, school suspensions, discrimination complaints, demonstrations in universities, race centered affirmative action, demonstrations and actual terrorism. Need I say more?
Well, yes. It suggests even to the most retarded turtles that diversity is a terrible idea and whoever conceived the idea that self-flagellation is cathartic must be delighted at success of the diversity movement. Dogs hate cats and feminists hate men so what should you do about it? Open the borders and embrace the dull-witted, useless inassimilable civilizational disasters? Doesn’t sound good to me but maybe being old fashioned causes me to reject things dangerous.
Call it a lifestyle issue but the idea of inviting my enemies to break bread and bones seems ominous for obvious reasons. People are hard-wired at birth to be hostile to strangers. At least that’s a good thing to teach the wee ones. As they reach maturity they learn the value of protecting themselves which is the proper value to teach them because it may save their life. Teaching them to embrace long simmering grievance based cultures will keep up the simmering until the pot boils over, often with fatal consequences.
We provide body armor to football players who are taught the value of knocking down an attacker from the other side before they knock down you and your gang. It’s a winning plan and emotionally satisfying and it’s based on the reality that while there may be safety in numbers, there’s also considerable danger if you are weaker than the others.
In a presidential contest it’s D against R. In politics it’s poor against rich which is a bible-based idea that money is a moral handicap and people with it are suspicious to those without it. There’s that difference thing again.
The world of ants benefits the anteaters. Mix them together and no more diversity. What’s true for ants and anteaters is true for Protestants and Catholics. Each would like the others to be less diverse but the idea applies to so many differences that to change them seems delusional.
American’s are supposed to embrace other cultures, religions, races and so on but building a bridge across the moat puts the people in the castle in danger. Even the Pope has a big beautiful wall around his Vatican home. Diversity isn’t the cause of every war but it’s a delusion to believe it’s better to mix the armies together before the battle.

From the web:
1: Diversity leads to everyone wanting a bigger piece of the pie, and often leads to the majority being reverse discriminated against.

2: Diversity leads to fighting.

3: Palestine is being pushed on Israel, whereas Muslims and non-Whites are being pushed onto Europe and Mexicans and Blacks onto America. However, Japan and Uganda are not being diversified.

4: Without diversity, there’d be no “racism” as they call it.

5: Diversity leads directly to political correctness. Minorities get offended, and the majority doesn’t want to insult them. This is how political correctness is invented.

6: Political correctness leads to sweeping stuff under the rug, like black crime, which leads to more murder.

7: Affirmative action leads to worse people getting jobs, who if they screw up those jobs, can negatively effect society and even get people killed. Again, how many people are people willing to kill for diversity?

8: Diversity often takes away free speech.

9: Diversity is going into Western Countries and Israel, and nothing else.

10: Diversity often leads to race denial. People say “we are all the same.” Is that really a good thing?

11: Diversity causes tension and suffering. If different people want friendship, forcing them onto each other is the wrong way. I have the feeling there would be much less “hatred” of other races if common sense was applied to race relations.

12: Diversity suppresses science. Racial science is suppressed in the name of political correctness. “The Bell Curve” is a vivid example.

13: At one point Diversity could be seen as an experiment. But it can’t anymore. We have seen it fail, and now we know it is simply suicide. Ignoring racial, cultural, and religious differences has its price. Ignorance has a price.

Given the growing economic, cultural, and political divides within our cities and across the nation as a whole, working to strengthen the “bridges” between communities may be a far more realistic approach than attempting the impossible task of trying to make everywhere more diverse.

Still think diversity increases happiness?

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