Overall there is a hatred for whites that permeates black America. Former Black Panther Ted Hayes said: “white people have come much further in embracing blacks than the other way around. Then there is the obvious racist bigotry from Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder. Political Correctness only works against whites. Black people get a racial pass that would be bearable if black people weren’t being pushed into the forefront by the American media.

Look at the news from foreign countries that don’t push race onto their customers. Crowds in Africa are black crowds and crowds from Europe are white crowds. Why don’t races want to mix? The facts show diversity is just a guilt trip laid onto white people by Rich, Liberal Left Wingers who have no ideas about nor any need or desire to assimilate with black people.

Nature seems to have a race preference built into our DNA. People desire other people from their own race.   Want to change that? It can’t be done.

Yes, many black and white people fall in love, raise families and have great lives together but those people are the exception. Government must get itself out of the race business because it is clashing with natural preferences. Government on the other hand must also make sure all people get a fair shot under the laws but when the government takes tax money from people and uses it to provide unfair advantages to black people it is neither a free nor fair government.

There’s an easy and correct solution for race differences. Leave the people alone. We can work things out on our own and more people will be happier than they are now. How can that be said? Go to Brazil. People interact on a natural basis and they are less hating of other races. That goes for black, white, foreigners and other-raced locals. It’s a far better racial atmosphere that the hate induced racism and bigotry that has been made to fester and has been festering in America. . 


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