First, they are lying about Trumps policies, for example saying Trump is “Absurd”. Why not list Trumps policies that the Nation that spawned Hitler, is against instead of childishly calling him names? Well, the editor is immature and thinks America is as small as Germany. Germany has 80 million people. America has 325 million plus the illegal immigrants. Call Germany one quarter the size of America with four times the insanity.

Germany has massive problems, not the least of which is a high rape rate by Muslim rapists. Germany, unfortunately, cannot control it’s own borders but presumes to tell America what to do.

The editor of Der Spiegel wrote: “Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering into the United States, (He did not. He called for checking them for anti-Americanism before being admitted) he described Mexicans as rapists (He did not. He said Mexico is not sending their best people to America. Some of them are rapists which is massively true.) and announced his intention to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. (Why not? Mexico’s sending Mexicans to America to take advantage of American benefits. Obamacare for example is Mexico’s health care plan.) He boasted about sexually harassing women (Normally sexual men all do that) and, when women came forward to say that he did in fact harass them, he said: Oh no, not her. Just look at her. You really think … with her? (He also proved George Soros and the Hillary campaign organized their statements) Trump said Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, and when it was proven that Trump had lied, he said that Hillary Clinton was the one who created the lie in the first place — yet another lie. No, it’s not. A Hillary paid attorney, Mr. Phil Berg Esq. filed the first lawsuit in federal court that claimed Obama wasn’t eligible to run for President because he was born in Mombasa and Berg attached a Kenyan birth certificate) He founded a university and cheated students out of their money. )He did not. the cases are being litigated and appear to be frustrated students who decided they didn’t want to pay after signing a contract to pay.) He said he has a plan for the economy, and that this plan is to double growth.(Yes, he does. Current growth is 1.9% Trump plans to make it at least 4% per year, a rather modest target.).
The simple-minded editor also wrote: “In other words, 60 million Americans acted stupidly. They cast their votes for xenophobia, racism and nationalism, the end of equal rights and social conscience, for the end of climate treaties and health insurance.”
So American’s are stupid. Very analytical type, this editor’ for a six year old.
In the general scheme of things most Germans are extremely grateful for America’s involvement in stopping Hitler. Der Spiegel is being nonsensically controversial in a cheap attempt to gin up circulation.

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