The FBI knew he was in Jordan for seven months in 2014.

That alone should have put him on the Terrorist Watch List. That alone should have caused the FBI, ICE and the CIA to have alerted the Hixon Tenn. Chief of Police to get a warrant to keep tabs on him. Plus, he was in the Middle East several other times.

Lets see. Muslim. Has a beard. Been in a Middle Eastern Country at some time during the last three years. Bought several guns. Went target shooting. American citizen. So far no red flags. Hated America. Hated Americans. Was he a Jihadi? Of course.

America doesn’t have to incarcerate all Muslims like it did after Pearl Harbor to the Japanese to protect American’s from Muslim Jihadi’s. American citizens have the right to be protected from government. That includes Muslims. The Constitution makes it necessary for the government to get a warrant to search a suspected drug dealers car even if they aren’t a citizen.

But the Constitution is not a suicide pact. No warrant is needed to investigate someone. The Federal Government is intercepting telephone calls and has the power to access just about any aspect of anyone’s life which they have been doing for years as we know because of whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden. That seems like a massive violation of the powers of government but the time to argue that has passed. It’s a fact. Governments cannot be trusted which is why the Iranian Nuclear Treaty isn’t worth much as a way to protect Americans. Even worse, it’s an agreement between seven different governments including Iran.

The Chattanooga Jihadi wasn’t invisible. He could have been stopped or at least slowed sown if he thought he was under investigation by the local police. He should have been on the terrorist Watch List. Maybe he was but maybe the FBI was just too busy on July 17th, 2015. That’s another reason the FBI, ICE and the CIA should have notified the local police or sheriff that there was a young man in Hixon with a beard who is on the Watch List. None of that happened. Perhaps the President didn’t want to alarm Americans that there are Jihadis among us so he winked about protecting people from Jihadis. Just don’t believe there was nothing that could have been done. Five U.S. Marines and a U.S. Sailor are dad because something that should have been done wasn’t done.

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