There are 22 counties along the Southern U.S. border; 14 in Texas, 3 in New Mexico, 3 in Arizona and 2 in California. Over 3 million pounds of marijuana worth about $1.7 trillion dollars in PA are illegally smuggled into America each year. To get money smugglers and illegal’s invade and rob homes, stores, cars, trucks garages and people. Many are armed when they cross or as soon as they steal a gun from a home. They commit rape and murder. They burn down homes, cars and trucks. Their fingerprints are not on file. They are illegally in America.

They are impossible for border patrols to catch because they are for example, gang-bangers who easily sneak across, commit crimes, sell drugs and go back to Mexico. Drug Cartel members from the drug cartels of: Zeta, Sinoloa, Barrion Aztecas, La Linea and more, walk across the Southern Borders everyday according to the Border Patrol in: “The Border States of America”. See:
The Obama administration has virtually abandoned funding the local sheriff and border control agencies leaving it up to the citizens who live along the border to pay for enforcement, often feeding and keeping illegal aliens who show up in their neighborhoods. The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, DACA, is a program the Obama Administration begun in 2012. The forms cost each illegal immigrant $465. It issues work permits, Social Security accounts, Drivers Licenses, Foreign Travel Documents similar to a passport, Tax Credits, and Affirmative Action Preferences,. Neither the Constitution nor Congress approved DACA. It violates the Constitution. Congress has repeatedly rejected DACA yet President Obama persists in not enforcing immigration laws. This is a naked power grab by a rogue President.
Even worse, many illegal immigrants must be turned over to Health and Immigration Services where they are re-located into towns and cities far from the southern border, all at taxpayer expense and all illegal activity by the Obama Administration. Illegal immigrants from 75 countries and many of those countries are at war with America or from the Ebola countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Ebola is not the only contagious disease being smuggled into America, it is just the most dangerous but many of the contagious diseases are disfiguring or fatal too. Foreign Military Special agents, from foreign secret services and Special Forces have been apprehended by Border Patrol and turned over to DACA. .
9/11 was committed by illegal immigrants. “If you want a criminal activity to stop you impose penalties. Here the Obama Administration is providing benefits amn incentives to the lawbreakers to stay in America where the criminals among them are almost immune from prosecution. They learn the Obama Administration will help shield them from obeying American law.
“We have a lawless president whose political allies, including the Democrat Party and the complicit media, have embraced open borders and amnesty. To them, the destruction of the Rule of Law is incidental to their two stage lawless effort to import millions of undocumented Democrats, then certify them to vote. ‘Border States of America with Nick Searcy’ shines the light of truth on the amnesty disaster committed against America.”
— Congressman Steve King (IA-04).
“The discussion of future amnesty has also lured many from countries where hate for the United States abounds. The U.S. Commander of the Southern Command or ‘SOUTHCOM’ has testified before both the House and Senate that penetration of our southern border by criminal networks and terrorist organizations is an ‘existential threat to the United States.’ If you will watch Border States of America, you will see why our very existence is threatened.”
— Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01).
Many States and Governors oppose the Deferred Action program because the President was never given the power not to enforce the law. The Constitution requires the President to enforce Immigration law, not to encourage illegal immigrants to break the law.

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