Bucks County, PA …Instead of focusing on the governor’s race, the Northampton Republican Committee, that would be the insider’s who are Republican Committeewomen and Committeemen are wasting time, effort and money trying to get one of their little poodle dogs appointed to count the votes. Why else would they be writing letters to get yours truly un-appointed as Judge of Elections? Governor Corbett deserves better than depending on these low information types helping him.

The elected Judge of Elections disqualified himself when he moved out of the district. I was appointed to replace him on Election Day. So instead of helping Governor Corbett and Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley get re-elected, the Northampton Republican Committee is politicking behind the scenes to influence Bucks County to appoint someone to replace me as Judge of Elections.
The Court of Common Pleas has “invited” me to a trial. Unfortunately the insider who want’s the unavailable job was also invited. Wait until he sees what’s in store for him at the trial.

If the judge removes me as Judge of Elections it will confirm the existence and effectiveness of backroom political appointments instead of honoring the commitments of the Board of Elections. In that case they prove how corrupt the system really is, something I caught onto decades ago.

If I win in court and continue to serve as Judge of Elections it will prove how ineffective at politics the Northampton Republicans are which is part of the reason people like Governor Corbett and Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley would be wise not the depend on them.

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