Did you feel the earth shake? On Aug. 21, 2012 Upper Makefield Rescinded their Resolution that had established Route 32 as a Scenic By-way. The Supervisors did it reluctently, kicking and screaming as it were, because many Upper Makefield residents showed up and condemned the Resolution.  The important thing was the Supervisors repealed it. It could not have been easy because they had passed it several months before.

This website has many articles that helped reveal other aspects of the Resolution then were presented to the Supervisors by the D & L Corporation. D & L has been called a Grant Harvesting Operation. Grants are the biggest source of their funds.

For those who do not believe the Scenic By-Way designation will take zoning control away from Upper Makefield, here’s part of the Draft of a proposed Nockamixon Ordinance.

Section 10 – State Byway Program.  If the Delaware & Lehigh Drive is designated a Byway by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation, the Municipality shall enforce the prohibitions set forth in this Ordinance and shall not revise this Ordinance without the prior written approval of the Department (of Transportation).  Failure to do so may result in revocation of the Byway designation.

Would it surprise you to know that the Ordinace was drafted by The Heritage Conservancy? Ever hear of Agenda 21?

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