Daft, utterly daft analysis of the Monica Lewinsky Vanity Fair cover as well as a goofy idea on the cover of failing NEWSWEEK mag by someone whose success was more miracle and magic than truth and substance. It goes to the present state of the culture.

Read the Left’s answer to Ann Colture, Tina Brown and her wicked analysis of Monica’s attempts to regain her life. Brown’s been honored by England, the culture she abandoned for unspecified reasons. She’s a CBE because she’s received an award worthy of a Cracker Jack box, the Commander of the Order of the British Empire award.

Brown writes thusly about a victim of Presidential Treachery; “Treacherous thatched-roof-haired drag-queen Linda Tripp, with those dress-for-success shoulder pads?” Has harridan Brown a mirror nearby?

Brown and Hillary support President Bill Clintons sexual exploitation of Monica Lewinsky along with the threats by the Clintonesta’s. Brown is massively wrong about Lewinsky’s “romping” with Hillary’s husband. The President was holding all the cards. Power, Position and Treachery against “Hilla the Hun” as he named her.

Monica had naïveté, panache and harmones. Brown has a Craker Jack Award.

Bet the Queen wants it back.  


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