After hiding loads of information, lying about it then fighting with residents who found out about it,  Supervisor George’s Gang did what the Democrats couldn’t do. They gave control of the township to the Democrats.

Some of the local GOP are so furious they continue to lie at the televised meetings, unable to grasp they are being watched by the good and decent people of Northampton who know Corruption when they watch it.  A few GOP insiders, — they can be seen at the Supervisor’s meetings and at the Water and Sewer meetings, continue to deepen the foundation for another GOP defeat.

Northampton is vastly different than Washington where the underdog Republicans are working to reform Washington. I helped and continue to work and support Mike Fitzpatrick, Romney, Ryan and loads of good Republicans. I was in the House Chamber when Eric Holder was impeached and the Democrats walked out. Their rhetoric turned the air blue but not as blue as the Northampton GOP which continues to lose voters because of the stupidity of a few of  the Old Dumb Gang. Too bad some of the Good Republicans on the Committee can’t get the gangbangers to stop destroying the Northampton GOP. The Committee needs reform. Some of the old guard needs to step up by stepping down. Business as usual failed. Time for big changes.

The local GOP broke the Rules of the Republican Party to get in power. They broke them big time during the 2012 Primary. The party does not endorse Committee People but the Northampton GOP endorsed every sitting committee person. Rule Breakers. GangBangers. All 36 — and they had help from outside Northampton.  They cannot sell their soul because no one can sell what they don’t have.

At every Supervisor meeting Supervisors Silver and Komelasky waste everyone’s time with obvious and childish attacks on Supervisor Rothermel. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink and you can’t make the present corrupt Northampton GOP smart.  Stop them. It’ s up to you. No excuse.

The doomsday scenerio is, if they win the township the corruption will continue. If they lose the lying, even in public will go on. With the Bad Northampton GOP it’s Lose — Lose.  

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