Donald has courage.

Now we will see who among the other Republican candidates will have the courage to stand against the injustice of FOX.

We are witnessing America’s struggle to be America. America finally had enough of the Liberal Left Claptrap against men. Americans have been being euchred out of the culture by the Girlie Boys of the Left but Trump showed everyone how it should be, not how the Liberals want it to be and that all that’s needed is for normal people to stand up for normal things. No need to aggressively reward the worst among the culture. No need to work for the Left. Someone finally appeared to stop the feminization of America that has made America a laughing stock.
Americans are sick and tired of seeing America lose. We’re fed up with the political and media elites weakening America. We want America to be America again. Trump wants even more. He wants “America To Be Great Again”.

FOX news is powerful. All of the media is and they have all betrayed the trust placed into them by one of the most important Rights, the Right Of and To a Free Press.

The press has shown on too many occasions how unreliable it is. It uses itself to propagandize causes instead of reporting the news or passing on correct information. FOX tried to prove it could insult Trump and get away with it. When Trump responded to their insults by refusing to go along with it, the world cheered.

For decades we’ve been told multiculturalism was a virtue and patriotism a thing of the past. Our middle classes values have been ridiculed but people have common sense and values rooted in the traditions and morals passed down by their parents. Those values have been undermined and ridiculed by the political correctness of the educational system, the government apparatus, and the mainstream media. Trump opposes that. Politicians gave us $20 trillion in debt; restricted our economic prosperity by high taxes, foolish spending experiments, and bailouts for foreign countries. “America first” became “America last.”

This is as important an event as Kristelnacht but in the complete opposite way. This is equivalent to the shop keepers fighting the government and stopping them from destroying the windows of the shops. Of course they were disarmed by the law so they had no way to resist the government but Trump isn’t dis-armed. He’s standing up to the Left and he’s winning. Every Republican who shows up on Thursday night is a coward siding with the establishment, the establishment that doesn’t much care about America, the Republican Establishment that goes along with the Democratic Establishment that’s given us open borders and unchecked immigration especially from male Muslims.

We aren’t like the Washington elites or the ruling elites in politics, media, and academia. We ordinary people recognize an existential threat when we see it and we see one now. Years ago we began to realize the politicians who Trump is against no longer represent the will of the people. We know that time is running out for the West, and that the moment has come for a Trump revolution to halt the dictatorship of the elites, otherwise America and our superior Western civilization will perish. America is already changed beyond recognition by the worst President. Our children’s future is endangered. Look at the 10,000 Cubans streaming across the Southern border. It is clear what millions of Europeans and Americans want. They want to protect national sovereignty, stop the tsunami of asylum seekers, close the borders to mass immigration, stop spending their taxes on foreigners. We want leaders who truly represent us; leaders with the courage to defend the national interest. We don’t want America to to be Islamized. We Want America to be Great Again. We want Trump, not FOX.  

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