John C. Calhoun, 1782 – 1850 was a rogue Senator and Vice President who wrote “Disquisition on Government.” One of his wrong ideas was it is dangerous to have Liberty without equality but there is a worse error, that Liberty and Equality are so entwined that without Perfect Equality there can be no Liberty. In other words as long as some people aren’t equal a culture based on Liberty cannot exist. That’s the basis the Left uses to beat the Right to support Welfare and the Welfare State. The Left is successful but massively wrong. A Welfare State destroys the value of Liberty by making the weak strong by making the strong weak.

The WS seeks to deprive intelligent people of the fruits of their work by taking is and giving it to the less intelligent. It cannot make dumb people smart but government can take material benefits away from the smart people and give them to the dumb ones. That’s the doctrine of Bernie Sanders. Since people by nature cannot be equal, government can use it’s force to make the outcome equal, thereby making is more advantageous to be dumb than smart. Government restricts Liberty to force equality. The dumb get benefits they know they shouldn’t. That demeans them both to themselves and to those who were forced to provide them.

Mutatis mutandis for other human characteristics like wisdom, energy, physical strength, & perseverance, among others.
More freedom will return to America as the Welfare State is dismantled but people Like Bernie are fighting to stop welfare from being stopped and even worse he wants to increase it which will make people more unequal and less free. How crazy is he?

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