Global warming is caused by sunshine. Unfortunately, the daily heating is followed by the daily cooling with the result that pretty much nothing happens.

It’s like a roller coaster ride. Every car is pulled up but every car goes down so at the end of the ride, you are back where you started.

What about all this oxygen? It’s sort of new because when the earth began there were no people. Why not? Because their lungs didn’t work. Why? Because there was no oxygen in the air.

How did oxygen get here? The plants put it here.

Photosynthesis works by changing CO2 into O2. The more CO2 in the air the more oxygen will be added.

How do we get more plants? By driving cars, trucks, trains and planes. They  help us get to work and they make CO2 which helps the plants grow. More plants give us more food.  More food helps us live. 

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