America re-elected a left wing dictator who will continue the division of America into the factions, races and cultures, aka. Multiculturalism. The first American Dictrator took further steps into a more divided America in the wake of the second Obama victory. No more United America The States may be united in the Congress but the people have been divided by Obama. The Democrats threw unity under the bus on November 6, 2012. Liberalism is successful so long as the majority can vote for people who are political cowards who hand them candy. The candy-eaters love their candy givers but the candy makers who have their candy taken from them are not happy. Liberalism is the use of Government as a political agent. That’s the path  to third world-ism for America. There is no longer any government that is willing to protect the individual. That died on November 6, 2012. Successful people better get used to having their money taken from them by the majority. They better start limiting their contribution to the culture. Why should some of us work harder than others when government will take away what they want to make everyone equally poor? Of course the contributors better stop working and start collecting. Better find some minority race or culture so you can claim some kind of victim status. That’s the new path to success in America. Free cell phones are just the beginning for the incapable.

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