Before the election it seemed that Americans were “cooking something up” but keeping it to themselves. It started as an anti-establishment movement because government is too big. It became an anti-Obama story as more of what the president said just didn’t add up. Then it changed into a pro-Romney campaign. No one predicted those three steps. In 2008 Obama was elected in a landslide. Americans were proud of Obama back in 2008 but as the curtain got pulled back a less exceptional man was revealed. Obamacare was dictated by Obama, Pelosi and Reid without considering the opposition. Crushing additions to the national debt; Israel being forced to leave the White House thru the back door; The Apology Tour; Refusal to pass a budget.

Then the collapse over Benghazi. Worse than Watergate because Nixon didn’t appease the burglars but Obama has been appeasing the Middle East including especially tin-horn al Qaeda that directed attacks against 20 American installations on 9/11/2012. Clinton covered up Monica but he didn’t instruct the U.N. Ambassador to lie as Obama instructed Susan Rice, Axlerod, the Clintons and himself to lie about the video that he said was the reason for the Benghazi attacks when we now know he knew within hours that terrorists did it. Obama’s failures to provide security despite clear information about the danger to Ambassador Stevens. The cover-up of the attack as a spontaneous response to a video instead of calling it a terrorist attack by an enemy who Obama said was defeated. The cover-up was bad. The lying about the video worse and the entire middle east strategy shown to be a series of mistakes and in shambles. On election day 2008 we were shown video’s of Democrats cheating to win. Same for cheating Democrats in 2012. Here.

People keep their ideas to themselves while in public. They aren’t ready to wrestle their neighboors over political ideas but they refuse to walk inside the cattle chutes like the politicians demand. They smile even when given opposition literature. They are polite, kind and unfortunately very human as they are cheated, tricked and accepting of lies.

Obama cheated and lied his way to the presidency. He had even nore help to win again. Too bad for not only America, too bad for the world.

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