They hide themselves and sneak around like cowards unless it’s in places they have stolen and which they enforce contorted rules and anti-justice. Their preponderant characteristic is murder. Their prime activity is producing more murderers. Humanity has no need of them. Calling Terrorism a religion insults Islam and religion. Muhammad killed for conquest, not sport. History can judge him as we can judge the murderers. The murderers are cowards, nothing more. They hide their identities and their murderous intents by using innocent people as hostages behind which the cowardly terrorists cower.

Islam is a religion. Islam condemns murder. Religions issue commands. Judaism has 613 commandments. Christianity and Islam have ten. Terrorism is not a religion despite what the terrorists say. People can and do say many things but that doesn’t make what they say true.

Terrorists have no name for themselves or their groups. They can call themselves ISIS or ISIL or Hamas or al Quada but these are stung together syllables, not names. ISIS, ISIL and so on are merely murderers and cowards who strike from the shadows because of twisted minds that have accepted irrational concepts. Don’t get trapped into arguing with terrorists that they are motivated by a religion. They are not. People can say they are motivated by many things but murdering people must never be called religious activity. Terrorists can say they are following Islam but the Islamic seventh commandment prohibits murder so the Terrorists are out of luck trying to blame their murderers on Islam. Terrorists need to be caught. France just caught scores of them hiding in mosques. They closed three mosques and will close up to 160 more as more cowards are caught hiding therein.

Do Muslims have a duty to turn in terrorists? Maybe. Maybe not. Do people living in ghetto’s have a duty to turn in criminals in their midst? Don’t get off the subject of Terrorists by being mis-led into discussions of other things. Terrorists need to be caught before they murder people. That may be against the American Constitution but the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact. There are Legal, Constitutionally correct ways to intercept terrorists.

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