Sorry Liberals; sorry Socialists but it’s a fact: America was first settled by white Europeans. Before they arrived the place was just about empty except for some aboriginal groups that didn’t achieve much of anything and were quickly assimilated into the much larger advance guard of a much higher civilization and the aboriginals slowly improved their lot.

America was not settled by polyglots. English was the language of most of the settlers. Before that there were various aboriginal dialects that were mutually un-intelligible. The white Europeans without doing much let things drift. Eventually English became the dominant language. People who couldn’t grasp English soon self-corrected that issue and learned the lingua franca, the bridge language, English. That gave the aboriginals an enormous advantage. They could join the higher civilization simply by speaking English.

Communism, the idea that the entire village needs to be ruled by everyone in the village is the thoroughly discredited idea of Karl Marx who died destitute because his idea couldn’t take root in an individualist culture. It took a tyrant, Vladimir Lenin to impose the foolish ideas of Marx on a helpless culture.

The Alt-Right represents the first new philosophical competitor to liberalism, broadly defined, since the fall of Communism.

From Steve Sailer: “Is anyone listening to the Alt-Right? Yes: Key Alt-Right websites the American Renaissance and VDARE — named after Virginia Dare, “the first white child of English parentage born in America” — both received more web visits last November than Dissent and Ms. The National Policy Institute and its Radix Journal together had many more visits than the neoconservative policy journal National Affairs.

“So the Alt-Right has an audience — and in Trump, it has a candidate. Trump’s rants about Mexican rapists charging across the southern border, his attacks on an American-born judge of Mexican descent, and his calls to ban Muslims from entering the country, are all in line with Alt-Right ideology. Accordingly, Alt-Right organizations made robocalls for Trump in the Iowa, New Hampshire and Utah primaries.

“VDARE declared in July: “We are all Donald Trump Now.” And the website’s editor, Peter Brimelow, wrote on Wednesday: “Trump is the best presidential candidate on immigration that we’ve ever had. That’s not saying a lot, goodness knows — but it’s a YUGE advance.”

“… All schools of American political thought — and especially mainstream conservatives — must reject Liberalism as a dangerous ideology.

“One of the patterns you notice more and more these days is the descendants of Ellis Island huddled masses reasoning, “Boy those stupid WASPs shouldn’t have let us in way back then because, even though they are too stupid to have figured it out yet, we’ve taken over. But eventually they might figure it out … so we’d better punish them now so they can’t ever do anything about it in case they ultimately wake up.
“Hmmhhhmm … I know let’s rub their noses in diversity by letting in a hundred million or so Muslims! Yeah, then those idiot WASPs will finally notice they are being insulted and humiliated like they deserve. If that’s not enough to finally get their attention, we could let in two hundred million Muslims. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?”

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