Or, maybe there are differences between people and black people are promoting the difference. Black life is important because life is important but #BlackLivesMatter is about black people, not about life. We know that because it’s not #LifeMatters, it’s #BlackLives Matter which means it’s about being black.

What’s wrong with being “Black”? That’s exposing the basic question that’s been covered up by the Liberals, the Left, the Academics, Bill Mahar, Hollywood, the Socialists and all of the people who promote “Diversity” which was suddenly undone by the #BlackLivesMatter movement when black people decided to make race an issue. Now we can talk about race because black people started the discussion of race.

Now we can talk about the value of a black life and/or about all black lives collectively.

#BlackLivesMatter is very important because it caused being black to become an important issue, which it has been all along but it’s been hidden by the Liberals who want to suppress people who are black and who don’t like to recognize that being black is a valid issue. Enter #BlackLivesMatter. Black people want us to talk about race and to recognize that there is a difference among and between the races.  

It’s now possible to discuss conceptual issues that Liberals have hidden from us. There are striking conclusions about justice, race consciousness, affirmative action, individualism, and private and state action that are race dependent. Race does matter and it matters to black people because #BlackLives certainly do matter.

Every important racial policy in this country presumes there are no race differences in ability. Liberals have achieved a remarkable victory by suppressing race as an issue. #BlackLivesMatter confirms the evidence of our senses and the findings of science. Race matters because being black matters and black people are leading the charge against the wrong dogma of the Left. They are attacking the basis of “Diversity Is Our Strength”. No it’s not unless Black Lives Don’t Matter. Unless being black is the same as being white or Asian or any other race, rave certainly matters.

Slavery was about race.
Black athleticism is about race.
The expensive and oppressive web of lies, lawsuits, disabilities, animosity and guilt perpetuated by the advocates of the egalitarian fairy-tale of Diversity, that race doesn’t matter is getting more and more difficult to sustain. Ask yourself why government, the media and the universities have been smearing black people who want to shout: “Yes, I’m black” but when they attempt it they are met with evasion.

We see that black children mature more rapidly than white children; are more athletic, and dominate professional sports. The Liberals fear those discussions.

America is not a land of racists and white supremacists. Americans have not faced up to the fact that hiding race differences causes problems and good for #BlackLivesMatter for shining the spotlights on race as an important issue.

To ignore race as the Liberals do and have done is illuminated by the differences for which nature is responsible. We can plainly see that there is vastly more genetic variation in dogs than in giraffes, but that does not prevent people from noticing that giraffes are taller than dogs. We also know there is more genetic differences among Africans in Africa than there is among American who are black. We also know that moral reasoning closely tracks race.

Black people generally care more about themselves as individuals which means they care less about others. Black people are very present oriented which means they and worry less about the future. Black people are proud of themselves so the stereotypical Liberal shibboleths that blacks believe themselves to be wrectched and loath themselves is utterly false.

Prof. Levin notes that “the criminal behavior of young black males just does not look like an expression of despair. In account after account, these individuals come across as full of themselves and unrepentant.” He might have added that if blacks were really reduced to hopelessness by white oppression, they would presumably have high suicide rates, whereas in every age group blacks kill themselves at only one half to one quarter the white rate.

The other prominent deviation between races careful considerations about procreation and that black people often engage in reckless procreation.

Other race-dependent traits are: unwillingness to do volunteer work, support charities, donate organs, volunteer as medical test subjects, keep quiet in theaters, recycle trash, save money, exercise, or keep houses in good repair.

Black mothers are twice as likely as white mothers to smoke, drink, and take drugs during pregnancy, even when doctors tell them not to. Blacks between the ages 15 and 24 are ten times as likely to have fatal gun accidents as whites and orientals of the same age even when gun availability is controlled for. This can be characterized by noting black behavior is far more spontaneous, more prone to quick responsiveness almost to the point of being impulsive and inconsiderate.

It is hardly fair when blacks to insist the rules be changed to suit them after affirmative action pushed them into white institutions.

“Blacks can find whites moralistic, repressed, and incomprehensible: “A degree of helpfulness considered obligatory by hunters is considered foolish by gatherers, whereas hunters might regard gatherers as selfish. Each may think “something is wrong’ with — and dislike — the other.”

“American blacks have benefited enormously from life in a white-dominated society. Since black limitations are overwhelmingly likely to be inherent, whites have no obligation to help them overcome them. If anything, whites deserve compensation for the continuing violence and larceny they suffer at the hands of blacks.”

“Incoherence on questions of this kind is mere cover for the conviction that the state may never allow race to be used against blacks but can require that it be used against whites.

“Affirmative action is, of course, a policy that Prof. Levin would abolish today. While he is at it, he would legalize all private forms of discrimination. On libertarian grounds, people should be free to choose their associates or neighbors even for irrational reasons, and on empirical grounds it is often rational for whites to avoid blacks.

“Prof. Levin would also abolish welfare because while a social safety net may be a permissible luxury in a society of whites who will not abuse it but for blacks, too great a temptation to resist. Likewise, the minimum wage is an unnecessary obstacle to blacks (and others) whose labor is simply not worth what government insists it should be.


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