Heartbreaking anguish with attempts to heal their shattered lives was apparent in the words of some of the families and friends of the nine murdered victims of sociopath, psychopath Dylann Roof who deserves nothing from this day on. It’s difficult enough to listen to and absorb the words from the survivors whose loved ones were brutally murdered. Their lives were shattered. They need time to heal. They say things like we forgive him and we love him because God loves him but those are reflexive words. As such they should be overlooked as Dylann Roof is judged.

Compassion across America goes to the friends and families of the victims. It’s difficult to remain unemotional and perhaps emotions should not be held back. Perhaps it’s un-healthy to say something different than what one feels. Grief is after all part of the human attribute’s as well as hatred of evil and the correct reaction to it.

Humans can think. They can absorb information, process it and react. When someone is murdered the natural responses can range from revenge to disconnection from the consequences but Dylann Roof murdered nine individuals in what we call cold blood. The victims are too important for Roof’s crimes to be mitigated by human compassion. Compassion has it’s place but justice does too and in the case of Roof’s murdering of nine innocent individuals compassion for him is misplaced. Some would say death is too quick and too easy even though that punishment is justified for him. No one needs Dylann Roof for anything. No one needs to keep him alive. The victims are worth at least that much.

Why is it important for people to think they are higher than Roof as demonstrated by their compassion which they believe lessens him so they say things like “I forgive him” or “Jesus forgives him?” Why must he be forgiven at all? Murdering is different that killing because it’s premeditated. Roof thought about murdering people for at least an hour because he stayed in the room with the victims for and hour before he began to murder them. That’s pre-meditation big time.

His crimes were the murders of nine individuals. One murder should forfeit his life. There’s no need to try him for the murders after the first one. It’s either life in prison of death for the first one. There’s no third choice here. He’s confessed. All that’s needed is the sentence and that should be un-equivocal. If he doesn’t pay with his life for the first life he stopped something is very wrong with the justice system. Maybe you don’t believe in Capital Punishment but your believe is over-ruled by Roof who obviously does and his idea should prevail in his own case.

Some might argue what good does it do to execute Roof? It doesn’t have to do any good at all. It’s just the way justice must work, at least in this case. And remember. After his execution for the first murder there will still be the lives os eight more innocent victims to account for. Justice in their name should be able to be served but that’s impossible. Dead is final. Nine dead is unforgivable. there is simply no other choice.

Remember Nichole Brown who was married to and murdered by O.J.Simpson? He has never been punished for two murders. Lets not revisit that miscarriage of justice by getting it wrong about Dylann Roof. Listen to the heart-wrenching words of the friends and relatives of the nine Charleston victims and decide what should be done about Roof.

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