It’s almost like the old Abbot and Costello comedy routine: “Who’s on First”? Pamella Geller and Geert Wilders are being provoked by the Islamic Jihad against The West but some people see things the other way round. Wilders is having a cartoon show that covers cartoons like the ones that got the people at Charlie Hebdo murdered. Two assassans tried to murder Geller in Texas where they were shot before they could shoot at Geller.

Wilders was disgusted by the recent march in Paris by world leaders who said they were Charlie but not for what Charlie did which seems a bit hypocritical. Being for and against the same thing is the same as being for nothing. It’s algebra, right where a plus and a minus cancel each other out and the result is a zero?

Wilders also said: Everybody is talking about the minority – of course it is a minority that uses the violence, but unfortunately there is a majority of these people who support the idea, and think they are heroes. This is a Trojan horse we have imported, people who are not even willing to assimilate to our society and adhere to our values and constitution. We have a problem.

“The good news is, the ordinary people are waking up. With the Islamic State happening, with Jihadis going and returning from Northern Africa and Syria, it is causing people to wake up to the reality of what is happening. The good news is that parties like mine are getting stronger all over Europe. Islam is getting worse, but there is a change coming because the people are fed up”.ler. He was recently interviewed by Brietbart where he stood up for the Western idea of free speech.(HERE).

Unfortunately because of the media’s swoon with President Obama they are failing to report ideas from Wilders and Geller. The American media simply choose to ignore bad news like the ostrich that hides it’s head in the sand thinking it will avoid danger if it doesn’t see it. Faulty media thinking about the realities of jihad increases the danger as people are lullen into complacency which puts them in more danger.

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