Rome is hot during the summer so the Popes have always had their castles built of thick marble because it stays so cold during the heat of the day. Pope Francis would change his mind in a heartbeat if he had to travel without air-conditioning. Same for his idea that the earth is filthy because of capitalism, about which he knows so little that he condemns it when it’s capitalism that has saved billions of people from short lives.

Why is the Pope so against capitalism which requires a free culture before it can even exist? He’s not giving up the treasures of the Vatican to feed the poor. He’s keeping the Borghese Mansion which has more gold trim than even Donald Trump is in awe of it. Then there’s the hundreds of billion dollars worth of art captured by the Pope’s predecessors whom it is noted kept accepting more but spending or selling very little. The Vatican is richer than the House of Saud and Donald Trump combined. One statue from St.Peters would feed every Mexican for ten years.

The riches of Rome are the riches of the richest religion in the universe. How were those riches acquired? How about by Hook or by Crook?

The Vatican was build by the Law of Demand. America was built by the Laws of Supply and Demand. The Pope got his position by hope and prayer. He prayed for what he wanted and got it but he’s unwilling to part with it. How do we know that? Local catholic parishes are senders to Rome. Rome is a one-way ratchet that keeps the demands high but the payments off the table. Imagine Atlantic City where all the bets are collected but there are no payouts. You can lose but never win. Pope Francis abhors capitalism because a free culture is based on exchange of value for value. He exchanges nothing of value for value received. Religion is not based on economics. All faith based systems are based on taking without giving back. The leaders have a perfect storm of impregnable rules based on a set of mystical or supernatural views about the origins, workings of and the purposes of reality, which means the universe and what those views mean for human life. Nowhere does that exclude comfort including especially refrigeration to preserve food and human life itself. But that doesn’t mean the Pope got it right. In fact he got it exactly wrong and that was on purpose because the basic idea is to make life miserable and people feel small so they follow those people who offer something in a better place. That place however isn’t part of the universe at all. It’s an Intentional Mirage.

Pope Francis needs to extradite Cardinal Law who fled to the protection of the Pope to avoid prosecution and prison for violating American laws. At least Pope Francis can prove he’s human and that he wants justice to prevail by sending the Cardinal back to Boston to stand trial.

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