Maybe it’s to simple but the burning cities of Fergeson, Baltimore Milwaukee, show how the Left uses riot and rioters to achieve the redistribution of wealth. Unfortunately the hidden consts of black riots include the destruction of the businesses of local black people, the safety of black residents, and makes recovery impossible.

How can that be stopped? More commerce.

Commerce is the greatest leveler for a civilization because it puts profit, not diversity, first.

Creating a diverse culture is easy for government. Just pay the people at the bottom for not doing anything. It’s called “Welfare” and it leads to trouble because it causes trouble.

Government cannot create prosperity. Government can’t make cars like capitalists can or businesses like Walmart. Government tries to ruin businesses. Liberals believe Capitalism causes problems but the riots were caused by anti-Commerce Liberals and welfare.

Jobs will stop riots but what kinds of jobs will help black Americans? Whatever they are, government can’t provide them. Capitalism and capitalists however are vilified especially by the welfare receivers and the welfare champions. So the welfare recipients riot to get more welfare instead of getting more money by getting a better job.

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