Dumb and Dumber was a 1994 movie that was reprised when Obama appointed Hillary Sec State. Now Russia has it’s military in Syria and Iran. Does that weaken or strengthen Russia internationally? Connect the Hillary Dots.

Under Presidents Carter and Ronald Reagan America created military installations in Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. America is no longer in Egypt

Add Kuwait Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Nearby, America operates bases in Bulgaria, Romania and Kosovo as well as in Djibouti, Ethiopia,Kenya, Burkina Faso and Senegal plus Spain and Italy in Southern Europe. Obama has reduced American presence in all of those places but America still has a precious toehold in those countries.

At home, Hillary has been helping America decline, replaced by people of other creeds, cultures, countries, continents and civilizations. Diversity leads to greater rancor, more separatism and more cultural disintegration?

Liberals see America as hateful and they love making America small. Liberals are rhapsodic over Americans being displaced and replaced by non- American and anti-American cultures. Diversity is wrongly seen by the Liberals as a mark of moral superiority.

Un-Americans want diversity in America along racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural differences. Liberals cherish and embrace non-Americans. They call common sense and resistance to destructive diversity moral retardation. They need a mirror.

One lesson Hillary and the Liberals need to learn is that poor selection of newcomers can have negative ramifications for generations. We like to hope that migrants will assimilate to our higher standards, but it often turns out that they just drag us down to theirs.

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